[ovs-discuss] debugging OVS

AJ NOURI ajn.bin at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 03:01:13 UTC 2015

   - I am configuring bond (LAPC) links (x4) between OVS and another
   device, which doesn't work, and I am suspecting OVS side.
   - I would like to see if OVS is receiving and considering negotiation
   - OVS is running inside a container where I cannot install additional
   packages (ex: tcpdump...).

/ # ovs-appctl vlog/list
                 console    syslog    file
                 -------    ------    ------
backtrace          DBG        DBG        DBG
bfd                DBG        DBG        DBG
bond               DBG        DBG        DBG
bridge             DBG        DBG        DBG

*Q) how to show debug messages in one of the facilities, let's say console
or a file?*
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