[ovs-discuss] Architecture Open vSwitch with DPDK

Justin Pettit jpettit at ovn.org
Wed Nov 25 08:02:14 UTC 2015

> On Nov 20, 2015, at 2:15 AM, Kury Nicolas <nicolas.kury at master.hes-so.ch> wrote:
> I think I have well understood the architecture. I have my own image. http://s22.postimg.org/p2ow45nap/ovs.png

FYI. Those diagrams are tiny and hard to read.

> In the PORTING section, the implementation of ofproto provider has 3 sublayer (ofproto-dpif, dpif and dpif provider). In my image I have only written "ofproto-dpif" to make it simpler to understand. I suppose it is also correct ?

You probably want to add the different dpif implementations (dpif-netdev and dpif-netlink), since it relates to your next set of questions.

> Open vSwitch with DPDK
> This part is unclear for me. My image : http://s22.postimg.org/472lswr3l/ovs_dpdk.png
> 		• ​Is there a specific implementation of ofproto provider for DPDK ?

No.  It's using the userspace DPIF (dpif-netdev).

> 		• Where is the datapath for OVS-DPDK ?

In lib/dpif-netdev.c.

> 		• Is the module openvswitch.ko still present ? If yes, does it interact with DPDK ?

No, it's not needed.

> Open vSwitch with OpenDataPlane
> Do you know anything about OVS-ODP ?

Not really.


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