[ovs-discuss] Interconnecting OVS on 2 different subnets

Nishanth Devarajan dev_raj82 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 1 19:01:33 UTC 2015

Hey guys,
		I have 2 OVS switches running on 2 different VMs which belong to 2 different subnets.


		 VM1 / OVS 1 					AND  					  VM2  / OVS 2				  			
       		  (                       						                  ( and are on different subnets (they are configured to be on different subnets).  Now, How do I ping VM2 from VM1, i.e how to establish a connection between the 2 switches. I’ve tried GRE tunnel between the switches but it doesn’t it seem to work. Any suggestions?


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