[ovs-discuss] limiting bandwidth between openvswitches?

王勇 duanguyuan at 163.com
Fri Oct 2 17:21:34 UTC 2015

Hi all,
We can limit the bandwidth between vm and openvswitch with flow command and the "Qos" something :
$ ovs-vsctl set interface $v ingress_policing_rate=10000 #10MB
$ ovs-vsctl set interface $v ingress_policing_burst=1000
$ sudo ovs-vsctl set port $v qos=@newqos -- --id=@newqos create qos type=linux-htb queue...........
But is there is way to limit the bandwidth between OVS? I remember Mininet can do this:
$ sudo mn --link tc,bw=1,delay=10ms......
So how to limit the bandwidth from one OVS to another OVS?
vm1--------ovs1------(limit ??)-------ovs2--------vm3
Yong Wang, Wuhan University 

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