[ovs-discuss] OVN - CIF

Murali R muralirdev at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 07:24:10 UTC 2015

I see this statement in the the arch doc

"OVN uses this mechanism and uses VLAN as the tagging mechanism.",

after providing 2 methods of CIF handling - 1:1 vif mapped or parent
mapped. From other discussions it looked like one could have "overlay" or
"underlay" modes for ovn. So is this a new development in version 7 of the

The option of vlan tagged parent vif for cif is good but there are use
cases for nfv where the infra is agnostic. Meaning overlay method is
preferred. I am currently trying to map vif to the br-int directly but not
sure based on the statement above, that scenario would work. I will check
in weekly irc as well. The tenant isolation could be provided by container
orchestrator using different schemes, so if there is inherent security/acl
that prevents connectivity using 1:1, I would like to know.

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