[ovs-discuss] status of ovn-docker

Gurucharan Shetty shettyg at nicira.com
Tue Oct 13 16:18:33 UTC 2015

> Yes, I presume this will be the preferred way of interfacing docker with ovs?

Docker user facing APIs around networking is such that integration
with OVS will need a control plane to provide the desired multi-host
networking to work. OVN is an option for that. So OVN is one way to
integrate Docker with OVS. It is not necessarily the only way as there
are a lot of other people integrating Docker with OVS with their own
control plane.

>> If so, there has been a lot of changes in docker api over the last couple of
>> weeks and that code no longer works. That is one of the reason I am
>> maintaining it out of tree - libnetwork is still experimental and the APIs have
>> been changing very often and it does not make sense for openvswitch to
>> maintain experimental code.
>> Docker 1.9 will likely remove the experimental tag. When that happens, I will
>> get the code reviewed in the openvswitch mailing list to add it to
>> openvswitch repo.
> How come it will not get upstreamed into the docker repo? Does this mean
> that some special configuration will need be done in docker to get this
> working?

Docker's libnetwork works with REST APIs. So the driver, as long as it
implements all the REST APIs that Docker expects can reside
independently of Docker daemon. One way to install that driver is via
OVN packaging.


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