[ovs-discuss] OF Group Tables Load Balancing

Daniel Herrmann daniel.herrmann1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 08:57:37 UTC 2015

Hi Ben,

On 29.09.2015 06:15, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 09:11:26PM +0200, Daniel Herrmann wrote:
>> I am trying to load-balance traffic in a routed scenario and want to use
>> OF group tables for this.
>> However, it seems that only one bucket is selected. I found some thread
>> from mid 2014, which states that only eth_dst is used for matching:
> See selection_method, selection_method_param, and fields in
> ovs-ofctl(8), in OVS 2.4.0 and later.

Thank you for your answer. Where can I find the required values? The
ovs-ofctl manual always states that the values are known to the lower layer.

I am using OVS in an ESXi based virtualization environment with Debian
7.8 guest VMs running OVS and DPDK as dataplane using e1000 as interface
drivers. The normal kernel module (or vswitchd combined with the kernel
module) seems to have a bug related to flow injection as described in my
previous mail.

So basically the question is: which values are supported by OVS for the
fields "selection_method", "selection_method_param", and "fields"? The
goal is basically to distribute traffic like ECMP does, hence including
L3 and L4 source and destination and L4 protocol number in L4 header. Or
something similar.

One more question: My chosen controller (RYU) does not support those
extensions yet. Is it possible to use the CLI to modify the groups
already created using OpenFlow?

Thank you and regards

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