[ovs-discuss] mapping dpdk ports to physical nics

Daniele Di Proietto diproiettod at vmware.com
Tue Oct 20 18:15:27 UTC 2015


Currently OVS behaves like most DPDK apps and examples: it uses the port
ID to
name an interface.

This is less than ideal: the PCI id might be a better alternative, but the
community is currently considering other options to identify an interface.
think OVS should be consistent with other DPDK apps, and adopt the naming
strategy that will be suggested by DPDK upstream.



On 14/10/2015 11:07, "Benedikt Rudolph"
<benedikt.rudolph at ps.tu-darmstadt.de> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I want to add specific dpdk enabled ports to a bridge following the
>instructions in Install.DPDK.md.
>My setup has multiple (i.e. 4) dpdk enabled nics ports.
>So i created the bridge using:
>ovs-vsctl add-br br0 -- set bridge br0 datapath_type=netdev
>and add an interface using
>ovs-vsctl add-port br0 dpdk0 -- set Interface dpdk0 type=dpdk
>I wonder if there is a way to address a specific (physical) dpdk port
>other than 
>guessing the number after ³dpdk0³?
>Previous to this step, I bound the nics to the igb_uio dpdk driver using
>the PCI-ID. The tools, specifically the dpdk_nic_bind.py script that
>comes with the dpdk 2.0 uses only PCI device IDs. There is on reference
>to the index number after dpdk i.e. ³dpdk0²
> in the scipt.
>Thank you for your time,

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