[ovs-discuss] Point-To-Point link for IPv4-IPv6-MPLS packets

Pavel Shirshov pavel.shirshov at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 23:34:25 UTC 2015


I'm trying to set raw point-to-point link using openvswitch 2.0.2
(ubuntu trusty default option). By raw I mean that all packets which
are egress for the first interface should be ingress for the second
and otherwise. No other options or checks. But I see in ovs-dpctl
output that only ipv4 packets are forwarded.

I create the bridge and connect two ports to the bridge
# ovs-vsctl add-br b0002.03bb
# ovs-vsctl add-port b0002.03bb
# ovs-vsctl add-port b0002.03bb

Check it
# ovs-vsctl show
    Bridge "b0002.03bb"
        Port "b0002.03bb"
            Interface "b0002.03bb"
                type: internal
        Port "t0002.0120"
            Interface "t0002.0120"
        Port "t0002.011f"
            Interface "t0002.011f"

Set the bridge rules to forward all packets between ports
# ovs-ofctl del-flows b0002.03bb
# ovs-ofctl add-flow b0002.03bb 'table=0,in_port=1,action=output:2']
# ovs-ofctl add-flow b0002.03bb 'table=0,in_port=2,action=output:1']

Check flows in ovs-ofctl
# ovs-ofctl dump-flows b0002.03bb
NXST_FLOW reply (xid=0x4):
 cookie=0x0, duration=1274.478s, table=0, n_packets=1701895,
n_bytes=187088564, idle_age=1, in_port=1 actions=output:2
 cookie=0x0, duration=1274.466s, table=0, n_packets=8393232,
n_bytes=1024054033, idle_age=0, in_port=2 actions=output:1

Check flows in ovs-dpctl
# ovs-dpctl show | egrep 't0002.0120|t0002.011f'
        port 394: t0002.0120
        port 404: t0002.011f

# ovs-dpctl dump-flows | fgrep '(404)'
packets:4658053, bytes:564867731, used:0.083s, flags:SP., actions:394

# ovs-dpctl dump-flows | fgrep 'actions:404'
packets:2092237, bytes:277216996, used:0.000s, flags:SFP., actions:404

Surprisingly I found that my openvswitch forward ipv4 traffic only:
Is it possible to forward MPLS and IPv6 traffic too?


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