[ovs-discuss] ovs-vsctl stuck waiting for switch to quiesce on set interface options

Traynor, Kevin kevin.traynor at intel.com
Thu Sep 3 21:20:25 UTC 2015

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> Subject: [ovs-discuss] ovs-vsctl stuck waiting for switch to quiesce on set
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> Hi OVS wizards.
> I added a set_config handler to netdev-dpdk. (something like the netdev-vport
> one)
> I can successfully set parameters of my netdev devices If I have not sent any
> traffic through the switch.
> BUT, if I try to do this whilst traffic is running through OVS - even at a
> low rate, I find that
> . ovs-vsctl is stuck busy waiting for the switch to quiesce,

seems strange. I would have thought that your set_config should just have to
return. The log message should tell you which thread is not quiescing. 

You've probably already done - but you could try removing functionality from
your set_config fn to try and isolate the problem?

> . even though the settings successfully made it to the set_config handler and
> gdb tells me it's doing the right thing and applied the settings with the pmd
> threads merrily getting on with the job.
> I tried adding a netdev_change_seq_changed like the vport but this did not
> help.
> How do I tell ovs from my netdev-dpdk.c that everything's ok and get it to
> tell ovs-vsctl to be happy and go away?
> Is there something about netdev-vport handling that is different from pmd
> netdev-dpdk handlers?
> I am using revision 2.3.2+29bae5412ea3c6a1e20d79afd25c11b968dffa05 which is
> kind of close to your 2.4 release.
> Thank you for your super work,
> Dave.

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