[ovs-discuss] way to speak with OpenFlow module

Xiao Liang (xiaolia) xiaolia at cisco.com
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Hi Minh,

Controller could query existing flows before adding. I’m not clear why you need to do this. Ovs-ofctl has no impact as long as you don’t use it. You can remove the mgmt socket (/var/run/openvswitch/<bridge>.mgmt) if you really want.


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Hi Xiao,

Thank you for your quick response. That means there are several ways to insert OF flows! Then, if I insert OF rules by using ovs-ofctl and by a controller, is there any way to ensure installed rules are not overlap or interfere with the others? Or is there any way to only allow one way to communicate with the switch?

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2015-09-15 18:43 GMT+09:00 Xiao Liang (xiaolia) <xiaolia at cisco.com<mailto:xiaolia at cisco.com>>:
Hi Minh,

As far as I know, most controllers will include OpenFlow protocol implementation. They communicate with switches by OpenFlow message. In this way, ovs-ofctl makes no difference, it sends / receives messages via sockets (unix, tcp, etc.). Some controller might also have OVSDB southbound, which manipulates OVS bridges as ovs-vsctl.
Some applications (like Openstack, IIRC) might have an agent running on the host to call OVS utils.


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It is easy to push OpenFlow rules to OVS by using the OVS utility such as ovs-ofctl. Thanks all OVS developers!
However, I now want to try that function with a SDN controller and I wonder that does the SDN controller (i.e., pox, nox or floodlight) will call ovs-ofctl to install OF flows or they implement their own way (which probably works in a similar way to ovs-ofctl) to complete that tasks?
Anyone please help on my dummy question.

Thanks a lot,

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