[ovs-discuss] Creating a small SDN network.

Nishanth Devarajan dev_raj82 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 18 14:39:14 UTC 2015

Hey all,
		I want to create a small Software defined network using only VMs and I’ve run into an issue.. The topology is : Client —— S1 ——— S2 ——— S3 —— Server   and the switches are controlled by a controller.  Each node is a VM with the switch nodes running OVS. I’m using VirtualBox Internal networking to set up the subnetting using a DHCP server.  I want to ping the server from the client and the packets should flow via the created topology. But when actually I do ping the server (from the client), it uses the subnet to directly reach the server without using the switches. I can’t make  S1 the client's default gateway because when I delete the DHCP rule table in the client I lose network connectivity. I’ve tried adding both the rule tables to the client and making S1 the default gateway, but even then it uses to the subnet to ping the server. How do I fix this problem? I appreciate your help on this.

Nishanth D

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