[ovs-discuss] OVS will not send ARP packets as packet-in to OpenFlow controller

Ryan Izard rizard at g.clemson.edu
Wed Apr 6 22:28:28 UTC 2016

Yep, we stumbled into that and it worked like a charm. We couldn't quite
tell from the document if in-band is enabled or disabled by default when
you install and bring up a bridge for the first time. Do you happen to know?

We have machines of our own at Clemson and Utah and in CloudLab and GENI.
We're running different experiments with different controllers and the
topologies are disjoint. I don't quite understand what would have caused
all the OVS's to get into this state.

In any event, thanks for you insight and help! I've learned a lot more
about OVS today :-)

Ryan Izard
PhD Candidate, Research/Teaching Assistant
ECE Department, Clemson University
rizard at g.clemson.edu
Big Switch Networks
ryan.izard at bigswitch.com

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 6:15 PM, Nicholas Bastin <nick.bastin at gmail.com>

> On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 6:09 PM, Ryan Izard <rizard at g.clemson.edu> wrote:
>> One of these ARP flows is matching our ARP requests directed into br0
>> (LOCAL) and forwarding them as a learning switch (NORMAL). This looks like
>> it's the issue. Now to figure out how this happened everywhere and how to
>> disable it.
> ovs-vsctl set bridge br0 other-config:disable-in-band=true
> I still doubt this is what changed in your topology, so there's probably
> something else that changed that put these rules into play when they were
> not previously.
> --
> Nick
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