[ovs-discuss] Tracing packets using ofproto/trace after integration with Conntrack-OVN

Joe Stringer joe at ovn.org
Fri Feb 5 19:32:41 UTC 2016

On 5 February 2016 at 00:06, Piyush R Srivastava1 <pirsriva at in.ibm.com> wrote:
> What i want to send out in the flow is a match for +new,-inv,-est,+trk
> I doubt that ct_tate="new|trk" is same as ct_state=+new,-est,-inv,+trk or is it the same?

It is the same. What you are providing to ofproto/trace is a flow key:
Either the bit is present, or it is not. The mask (+/-) is only
determined to be relevant depending on the flow table so it doesn't
make sense for you to provide it. So, if the datapath dump says the
flow must have the new bit set, and must not have est, must not have
inv, must have trk (ie, +new-est-inv+trk), then this is equivalent to
saying that only the new and trk bits are present (ie, new|trk). The
rest of the bits are implied to be zero if you do not specify them.

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