[ovs-discuss] Why is OVS patch used instead of veth pairs to connect OVS bridges?

Guru Shetty guru at ovn.org
Mon Feb 8 14:20:30 UTC 2016

> I am hypothesizing that perhaps the *patch* port is just a configuration
> construct to tell the OVS kernel module that the ports on two OVS bridges
> are connected. Then, somehow the kernel module is able to forward the
> packets between the two bridges more efficiently than over a *veth* pair.
> It would be nice if somebody can confirm if this is the correct explanation
> or if there is a better one.
You program your switch using openflow flows. In those flows, patch ports
are visible. But when ovs-vswitchd installs the kernel datapath flows, it
completely optimizes the patch ports out. So kernel does not see it.

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