[ovs-discuss] OF15 OFP_ACTION_OUT messages not parsed correctly

Patrick Welzel patrick+ovsml at kcirtap.de
Tue Feb 9 12:56:30 UTC 2016


I am having some trouble using Open vSwitch with OpenFlow15. With OF15,
the message format for OFP_PACKET_OUT, OFP_GROUP_MOD and possibly others
has changed: The former in_port field was removed and a ofp_match
structure was added.

OVS seems to parse these messages by OF14 format. Both a manual parsing
of OF14 and OF15 formatted messages as well as a first short dig into
the code leads to this conclusion.

Are there plans to update the behaviour to OF15 compliance? Is anyone
already working on this? Or how could I help with it?

I guess adding a adapted structure for parsing OF15 messages of these
types and reusing the parsing of the ofp_match structure from flow_mod
messages would not be too hard. Although, I'm in no way a C expert and
new to OVS' codebase.

I'm using Ryu 3.30 and OVS built from master branch at revision
afee281f7f4f4b477e5c12bf18fe00d097ce8e96 on Ubuntu 15.10.

Kind regards,

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