[ovs-discuss] More than one mirror port on an ovs bridge

Daniel Spiekermann daniel.spiekermann at studium.fernuni-hagen.de
Wed Feb 10 13:37:54 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I have a short question regarding to the mirror ports. Is ist possible to install more than one mirror on an ovs bridge?
I have a system which hosts 5 vm, all of these vms are connected to br1. The interfaces are tap{1…5},
When I configure a mirror port (lets say tap4) to capture all traffic of tap1, I use this command:

ovs-vsctl -- set Bridge br1 mirrors=@m \
 -- --id=@src get Port tap1 \
 -- --id=@mir get Port tap4 \
 -- --id=@m create Mirror name=ovs_mirror select-dst-port=@src select-src-port=@src output-port=@mir

The mirror is created successfully.

After that I try to create a second mirror on br1 with the same command, only changed tap1 to tap2 and tap4 to tap3 and the mirror-name. This mirror is created, too, but after that I miss my first mirror.

The created uuid of the mirror is different to the first one, so I think ovs isn’t able to handle more than one mirror port on a bridge at the same time?
Which would be quite poor for my intended purpose


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