[ovs-discuss] LXC, DPDK, OVS and MLX4

Alexander Turner me at alexturner.co
Tue Feb 16 03:44:38 UTC 2016

Acronyms galore!

Sent a similar message to OVDK before realising the ML was dead (or is it)

I'm trying to get DPDK+OVS working with an MLX4 card (ConnectX-3) using the
PMD. I've got the interfaces and bridge up and running through I'm not sure
how to tie a LXC interface into the DPDK bridge. Creating a regular veth
pair between the host and container namespace limits me to a throughput of

Architecturally, I have two LXC containers connected to ovsbr0. I'm
forwarding all packets on LXC-CT1 to 40GB-NIC-1 and LXC-CT2 to 40GB-NIC-2
respectively. Both nics are connected to a 40Gbps switch thats forwarding
between the two ports.

My question - obviously the namespace veth isn't working v well, what
interface should I be using to tie into an LXC container?


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