[ovs-discuss] CFM feature in Open vSwitch

Sulabh Deshmukh sulabh02.deshmukh at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 10:33:39 UTC 2016

Dear Experts,

I am testing CFM feature in OVS and relatively new to ovs code base. I have
some questions regarding CFM implementation.

I observed that CCM messages are checked at regular interval of 3.5 * CCM
interval. When the health of remote mps is reduced to zero, the fault is

However, I noticed that fault check timer is not reset when CCM message is
received. Fault check is carried at fixed intervals. This increase the
failure detection time.

802.1ag Standard suggest resetting timer when ccm messages are received.

Can someone please help me understand why is this behaviour? Or am I
looking in wrong direction ?

Thanks in advance !!

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