[ovs-discuss] Network Performance with Devstack

Brendan Chang bschang at mit.edu
Tue Feb 23 15:13:45 UTC 2016


I'm looking to simulate the uneven allocation behavior of TCP for a network
performance isolation project. I have a Devstack environment setup with OVN
containing two hypervisors, each with two VMs. There are two logical
networks which are isolated from each other, where a single VM from each
hypervisor is connected to each network. Graphically, it can be represented
as follows:

  HV1            HV2
 -----          -----
 | A | -- r1 -- | C |
 |   |          |   |
 | B | -- r2 -- | D |
 -----          -----

where HV1 and HV2 are two hypervisors hosting two VMs each. VMs A and B
reside on HV1 while VMs C and D reside on HV2. A and C form one logical
network connected by logical router r1 and B and D form the other logical
network connected by logical router r2.

I'm running a network performance test with iperf across the VMs (with the
VMs on HV2 as the iperf servers and the VMs on HV1 as the iperf clients).
The test opens 10 TCP connections on one network and a single TCP
connection on the other, which I expect to produce a 10:1 bandwidth
allocation ratio. However, the test results are indicating a 1:1 allocation
ratio. Does anyone have any ideas about what might be causing this and how
to solve this problem?


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