[ovs-discuss] DPDK with vhostuser - Issue in Testing with DPDK-Pktgen

Czesnowicz, Przemyslaw przemyslaw.czesnowicz at intel.com
Sat Feb 27 12:30:34 UTC 2016

Hi Abhijeet,

To be able to use vhostuser multiqueue support you will need to have following software versions.

OpenStack: Liberty
Qemu:  2.5
Libvirt: > 1.2.17
DPDK: 2.2
Ovs: either the tip of 2.5 branch or master branch

Setting hw_vif_mutliqueue_enabled=true Image property won't have any effect with your current configuration.


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Subject: DPDK with vhostuser - Issue in Testing with DPDK-Pktgen

Dear Przemek, Sean & Sugesh,

It would be great if get your valuable inputs for the below listed issue. We have setup DPDK with vhostuser in AllinOne setup on following software platform.
Openstack: Kilo
Distribution: Ubuntu 14.04
OVS Version: 2.4.0
DPDK 2.0.0

In our Openstack OVS-DPDK  set up, we are spawning 2 instance on same host with Ubuntu and running DPDK-pktgen in one of the VM and measuring traffic between VMs of same host.

VMs spec are 8GB of memory and 4 core, we are using one port for pktgen application.

Please fine the VM huge page setting as well,

HugePages_Total:    1024
HugePages_Free:      896
HugePages_Rsvd:        0
HugePages_Surp:        0
Hugepagesize:       2048 kB

Please find the below command we are using,

./app/app/$RTE_TARGET/pktgen -c 0f -n 3  --proc-type auto --socket-mem 256 -b 0000:00:03.0 -- -P -m "[1-3].0"

Regardless of the cores whatever we are passing here(-m "[1-3].0"), the traffic is sending via only one core, remaining 2 cores are idle.

We have added specific property as well to the images we are using,

hw:vif_multiqueue_enabled=true --> Flavor property
hw_vif_mutliqueue_enabled=true --> Image property

Still we got the same issue on the application.

>From logs,
. . . . .
** Dev Info (rte_virtio_pmd:0) **
   max_vfs        :   0 min_rx_bufsize    :  64 max_rx_pktlen :  9728 max_rx_queues         :   1 max_tx_queues:   1
. . . . .

Kindly suggest us something on this regard if we need to tune anything on Openstack end or in pktgen application.

Thanks & Regards
Abhijeet Karve

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