[ovs-discuss] ovsdb behavior under ovn management plane scaling

Russell Bryant russell at ovn.org
Thu Jan 28 20:51:00 UTC 2016

On 01/28/2016 03:36 PM, Ryan Moats wrote:
> Yes, that was the first bottleneck we hit and we've taken the work
> that led to your RFC and gone looking for the next bottleneck, which
> now appears to be communications between the networking-ovn plugin
> and ovn-northd.  The first step in that path is from the plugin to
> ovsdb-server, so I view my initial post as one facet of the 
> problem...

OK, thanks.

What behavior are you seeing between the Neutron plugin and the
northbound database exactly that makes it the bottleneck?  Is
neutron-server maxed out trying to keep up with the request load?  or
ovsdb-server?  or?

Also, are you running multiple Neutron API workers?

Russell Bryant

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