[ovs-discuss] Not able to capture the ping packet through tcpdump

sree ietf sree.ietf at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 02:38:24 UTC 2016


This is my topology :

S1 and S2 are openvswitch.
Link { h1-eth1  <--------> s1-eth1 } connected to S1 Switch.
Link { s1-trunk <--------> s2-trunk } connected in between S1 and S2.
Link { s2-eth1  <--------> h3-eth1 } connected to S2 Switch.
1.  i'm trying to ping from h1-eth1 to h3-eth1
2.  i'm running tcpdump on h3-eth1, though ping is successful, i don't see
     ping/icmp packets at h3-eth1
3.  But when I ping an another ip-address in the same subnet which is not
     configured, such as,  I can able to see ARP requests
     tcpdump at h3-eth1.

     please shed some light.
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