[ovs-discuss] receiving packet In with Buffer ID = 4294967295

‪Majid Taleqani‬ ‪ majid.taleqani at yahoo.com
Mon May 2 08:35:39 UTC 2016

i have a host that sends 100 tcp syn packets per second which every packet has spoofed source IP and as a result they all will be sent to the POX controller. as i monitor by Wireshark i see that the first 250s packetIns have meaningful Bufffer ID value in packetin  but then i see lots of packetins which their Buffer id field equals to 4294967295 . i guess when a packetin with buffer id = 4294967295  is sent to controller means that the openvswitch port has overflowed and as a result the packet can not be buffered in open vswitch and the whole packet is sent to controller. 
is my guess right?  
thank you

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