[ovs-discuss] interested in tunneling

Lori Jakab lojakab at cisco.com
Mon May 2 12:19:19 UTC 2016


On 5/1/16 6:41 PM, Kim Ga-In wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in OVS implementation of tunneling protocols,
> especially lisp tunneling.
> I want to know how the lisp tunneling is implemented, but i can not
> find where to start.
> Could someone tell me where can i find a function that generates ip
> header, whose source and destination addresses are xTR RLOCs (EIDs)?

Tunneling can be implemented either in kernel or user space.

For the kernel space implementation, the OVS code does not add the outer
UDP and IP header (which has the xTR RLOCs). The payload starting at the
LISP header is passed to a datagram socket, and it's the Linux kernel
that actually adds those headers. The EIDs in the inner IP header come
from the original packet that is being encapsulated.

I'm not sure if LISP is supported in the user space code, AFAIK it's not.


> Any advice is welcome.
> Thanks.

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