[ovs-discuss] Issue with vlan tag being changed after reboot of KVM hypervisor.

nickcooper-zhangtonghao nickcooper-zhangtonghao at opencloud.tech
Thu May 19 04:10:14 UTC 2016

Hi Pippin,
	The VM’s tap devices will been destroyed when the physical host is powered off.
So, the OVS can’t find the tap device of VMs when the OVS service restarted. When you start the VM, the tap inserted in
OVS bridge is a new tap and the tag is reseted as default.
	The command "virsh reboot/dumpxml <domain>” should not change the tag while “virsh destroy/start <domain>” can change it. I think this is not a bug.
They have been only tested under 2.3.3 version of the OVS. Can you tell me the version of the OVS which you use? Let me know if there are any errors.


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