[ovs-discuss] Collecting NetFlow data

Syed Faraz Ali farazali86 at gmail.com
Thu May 19 15:08:40 UTC 2016

Hello Support,

I've configured NetFlow on the openvswitch, but I'm not getting any output
on the collector machine. I've checked using tcpdump and Wireshark on the
collector machine but couldn't observe any NetFlow related traffic.

*Enabled NetFlow*
sudo ovs-vsctl -- set Bridge s1 netflow=@nf -- --id=@nf create NetFlow
targets=\"\" active-timeout=10

# ovs-vsctl list netflow
_uuid               : 007d001c-d4fd-440f-8259-b5d167b7310d
active_timeout      : 10
add_id_to_interface : false
engine_id           : []
engine_type         : []
external_ids        : {}
targets             : [""]

On the contrary, when I configure sFlow then I'm getting the sFlow related
output. So the problem doesn't seem to be with firewall blocking or with
machine (I assume).

# ovs-vsctl list sflow
_uuid               : 4d26b0b4-a839-4f38-8fa3-5e86f5fbe5be
agent               : "eth0"
external_ids        : {}
header              : 128
polling             : 10
sampling            : 100
targets             : [""]

Can you please suggest if my NetFlow configuration is fine? or do I need
something more to get NetFlow data.

I disabled sFlow and ran NetFlow only, that didn't work either. Please

I'm using two VMs, openvswitch is installed on one machine and I'm using
pmacct as a collector on the other machine.

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