[ovs-discuss] eht1 not learning mac

Ashish Kurian ashishbnv at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 14:07:26 UTC 2016

Dear Folks,

I have a very strange behavior. I am not sure if it is due to mininet or

I have host H1 connected to OVS switch s1. This is inside my Virtual
machine VM1. Similarly I have VM2 with s2 and H2 connected to s2.

The VM1 and VM2 are connected via a tunnel. VM1 IP is
address of port eth1 on VM1) and VM2 is address of port
eth1 on VM2)

Tunnel ports in each of the switches s1 and s2 are having openflow port
number 10.

eth1 in both the machines are attached to the OVS switches.

If I do h1 ping (IP address of H2 on VM2), it fails. When I do the
H1 arp, it shows that H1 has the mac address of H2 . But when I did arp s1,
it shows that s1 has not learned the mac of the other VM.

if the switch has not learned the mac of other VM, how can it learn the mac
of the host connected in the other VM?

*PS: I was trying to see the lisp tunneling and followed the commands given
in OVS Github - lisp*

Best Regards,
Ashish Kurian
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