[ovs-discuss] Facing Internet Connection issue after adding vlan tag in OVS

Geza Gemes geza.gemes at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 16:29:12 UTC 2016

On 11/04/2016 01:36 PM, gowthami prakala wrote:
> Hi ,
> After adding vlan tag, not able to reach external network(ie ping 
> www.google.com <http://www.google.com> failed).The following commands 
> used,
>   In Host Machine,
> sudo ovs-vsctl add-br br0
> sudo ovs-vsctl add-port brlan0 eth0
> sudo ifconfig eth0 0
> sudo ifconfig brlan0 netmask
> sudo ifconfig brlan0 up
> sudo route add default gw br0
> sudo ip tuntap add mode tap vport1
> sudo ip tuntap add mode tap vport2
> sudo ifconfig vport1 up
> sudo ifconfig vport2 up
> ping www.google.com--success
> sudo ovs-vsctl add-port brlan0 vport1
> sudo ovs-vsctl add-port brlan0 vport2
> sudo ovs-vsctl show
> VM1 configured as vport1
> ping www.google.com <http://www.google.com> in VM1-->success
> VM2 configured as vport2
> ping www.google.com <http://www.google.com> in VM2-->success
> In Host Machine,
> sudo ovs-vsctl set port vport1 tag=10
> ping www.google.com <http://www.google.com> in VM2-->failed
> sudo ovs-vsctl set port vport2 tag=10
> ping www.google.com <http://www.google.com> in VM2-->failed
> Please give suggestions to resolve above issue
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By tagging the traffic coming from vport1 and vport2 you've told OVS, 
that there will be some other switch in the network, which will know how 
to handle tag=10, if you don't have a switch configured to forward 
packets having tag=10 they will be just dropped at some point of the 
network which drops tagged packets in absence of a different configuration.



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