[ovs-discuss] Replacing IPsec-GRE tunnel ports

Bolesław Tokarski boleslaw.tokarski at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 08:46:27 UTC 2016


I found that IPsec - GRE tunnel-ports support was deprecated in OVS 2.6 and
removed from 2.7/master recently (

I am yet to come across a good guide on how to set up an OVS IPsec-GRE
tunnel port alternative. Most guides are either for site-to-site IPsec
tunnels, or for OVS GRE tunnels.

Can somebody point me to whatever documentation is available on the topic?
I can set an IPSec tunnel up, but how do I push traffic from OVS into such
a port?

Any help appreciated.

Best regards,
Bolesław Tokarski
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