[ovs-discuss] VXLAN offload not work on openvswitch 2.6.0 + 3.10.45

张东亚 fortitude.zhang at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 03:51:48 UTC 2016

I am afraid my observation for openvswitch 2.6.0 is wrong, for 3.10.45,
USE_UPSTREAM_TUNNEL is also not defined, and after confirm with my
colleague, openvswitch 2.5.0 + 3.10.45 also face the same poor bandwidth

So the problem applies for both openvswitch 2.5.0 and 2.6.0 on 3.10.45, is
vxlan receive offload feature not work on these two ovs versions desired
for this kernel?

2016-10-25 10:39 GMT+08:00 张东亚 <fortitude.zhang at gmail.com>:

> Hi List,
> We have now testing openvswitch 2.6.0 on kernel 3.10.45, however we
> noticed there is performance drop than openvswitch 2.5.0 on the same
> kernel, which iperf can only have a 2G bandwidth for a pair of 10G links.
> After check the code, it seems on openvswitch 2.5.0, HAVE_METADATA_DST
> macro is used to control whether use backported vxlan tunnels, in 3.10.45
> kernel which will result HAVE_METADATA_DST not defined, thus VXLAN receive
> offload of 3.10.45 kernel is used.
> However, on openvswitch 2.6.0, HAVE_METADATA_DST is renamed to
> HAVE_USE_UPSTREAM_TUNNEL, and in 3.10.45 kernel this macro is defined,
> defined, which make there is not VXLAN receive offload callback registered.
> Is this a desired behavior? Or we must try to update our kernel to a new
> supported one like 3.18.X.
> I have not find a commit that defined this yet.
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