[ovs-discuss] BFD with 'option : remote_ip = flow'

Vivek Srivastava V vivek.v.srivastava at ericsson.com
Fri Aug 11 08:48:20 UTC 2017


We are creating VxLAN tunnel port/interface in OVS with option : remote_ip = flow and the tunnel remote_ip is set using openflow rules. This works well, however with this option we cannot use the BFD  monitoring for multiple remote TEPs, with BFD config/status interface available in interface table (as we have only one tunnel interface in this case).
So I have following questions -

1.       Is there any way to configure/manage BFD sessions to destinations, independent of the tunnel port/interface created?

2.       Does OVS support multi-hop BFD? In roadmap?

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