[ovs-discuss] Traffic Isolation with OVS

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Thank you Joo, this is a really good starting point to try out.
Let's me pose a more challenging scenario since you solved this one quick :)
Assuming I have two bridges, br-in, and br-ex, and the VM guest supports only VLAN tagging, is it somehow possible on KVM to steer traffic to br-in or br-ex depending on the VLAN tag?  I realize this is more of KVM question, but I am hoping you or someone on the list knows something about it.
                                VM Guest                                    ||                                   /  \                                 /     \                            V10      V20                              /          \                         br-ex          br-in                            /               \                        eth0            eth1
Thank you,

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How about this?
ovs-vsctl set port eth0 tag=100 vlan_mode=native-untagged
ovs-vsctl set port eth1 tag=200 vlan_mode=native-untagged

eth0 and eth1 is on br0.
Best regards,
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Greetings all, 
I have a little challenge and I can't seem to work around it,  I am certain it's my limited OVS skills.
Assuming I have a single bridge with two interfaces, eth0 and eth1, and assuming I have a VM guest with two VLANs 100 and 200.  Is it possible to pin VLAN100 to eth0 and VLAN200 to eth1?  
My challenge is I can't have more than one OVS bridge, the bridge must steer the traffic based on the VM's interface or VLAN.  
Ideally, I would love to have separate broadcast domains for a set of VLANs, or a concept like VRF.
Any suggestions?
Thank you,
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