[ovs-discuss] Hardware vtep manager table

Syed Ashifur Rahaman ashifursyed at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 09:35:54 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I connected my hardware vtep(ovs 2.5.0) to controller. The controller
brings the connectivity as UP and sends down update for different

But in my hardware vtep, I don't see the is_connected field in Manager
table updated to true.

Manager table

_uuid                                inactivity_probe is_connected
max_backoff other_config status target
------------------------------------ ---------------- ------------
----------- ------------ ------ -------------------------
c1b23893-229f-4edf-ad7e-19c589679511 []               false        []
        {}           {}     "ssl:"
290d88fc-9238-47ed-bd46-8947492cdb89 []               false        []
        {}           {}     "ssl:"

Also, when I check the logs, I see the transition to IDLE and ACTIVE
happening continuously. Do we expect controller to send

some messages periodically? Any inputs?

017-01-02T05:06:33.016Z|526975|poll_loop|DBG|wakeup due to 0-ms
timeout at lib/stream-ssl.c:731 (0% CPU usage)
2017-01-02T05:06:33.421Z|526976|poll_loop|DBG|wakeup due to 405-ms
timeout at ovsdb/ovsdb-server.c:189 (0% CPU usage)
2017-01-02T05:06:38.021Z|526977|poll_loop|DBG|wakeup due to 4600-ms
timeout at lib/reconnect.c:620 (0% CPU usage)
idle 5005 ms, sending inactivity probe
entering IDLE
send request, method="echo", params=[], id="echo"
type 256 (5 bytes)
2017-01-02T05:06:38.023Z|526982|poll_loop|DBG|wakeup due to [POLLIN]
on fd 17 (<-> at
lib/stream-ssl.c:729 (0% CPU usage)
type 256 (5 bytes)
received reply, result=[], id="echo"
entering ACTIVE

I set only the target field in the Manager table. Is it necessary to
set other fields(inactivity_probe, max_backoff)?

when does is_connected field get set to true?

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