[ovs-discuss] netdev_linux_update_flags() needs seq_change() ?

Brandon Cheng brandon.cheng at estinet.com
Wed Jan 11 08:05:51 UTC 2017


After all statements of netdev_linux_update_flags() executed successfully,
it also executes seq_change() to tell ofproto_run() something changed to
update ovsdb.

And in order to config port to linkup can update ovsdb.
it needs to use "a->config == b->config" instead of "&& !((a->config ^
b->config) & OFPUTIL_PC_PORT_DOWN)" in the ofport_equal() of ofproto.c.

For example:
step1: # ovs-ofctl mod-port br0 14 down -O openflow13 ---->although port 16
is actually down, it doesn't update ovsdb, so config of port 16 is still up
in the ovsdb.
step2: # ovs-ofctl mod-port br0 14 up -O openflow13   ----> because config
of port 16 in the ovsdb is still up, this up action will not be executed.
So that this port can't be up forever.

Is this a bug?
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