[ovs-discuss] VXLAN support in OVS 2.5.0

Scott Lowe scott.lowe at scottlowe.org
Wed Jan 11 20:47:56 UTC 2017

On 01/11/2017 03:54 AM, Shravan S K wrote:
> Like this?
> vm01-------------------|                                                                                                                
> |------------------vm03
> br1(vxlanport1)------------br-int1=================br-int2----------(vxlanport2)br2
> vm02-------------------|                                                                                                                 
> |-------------------vm04
> What is the need for the bridges br-int1 and br-int2? Why is it not
> possible without them(as the topology shown earlier in this thread)?

[SL] No, I don't think this is the configuration you'd want to use. The
"br-int" bridges aren't strictly required; you could use br1 and br2.
The trick here---as you're trying to create a VXLAN tunnel within a
host---would be that you'll need 2 IP endpoints (one for each end of the
tunnel), and you'd need each bridge with a VXLAN port to be associated
with one of those IP endpoints.

As I said, though, I haven't tested a configuration like this. Further,
to be honest, I'm not really sure what you're trying to accomplish with
such a configuration.

> Shravan
> On 11 January 2017 at 11:59, Scott Lowe <scott.lowe at scottlowe.org
> <mailto:scott.lowe at scottlowe.org>> wrote:
> Please see my response inline, prefixed with [SL].
> On 01/10/2017 09:50 PM, Shravan S K wrote:
>> I am asking if that can be done on a single physical host having
>> OVS. Say, as mininet creates bridges which act as switches. Can
>> vxlan be setup using Mininet?
> [SL] I don't know if it's possible for Mininet to set up VXLAN;
> that's a question best asked on a Mininet-related forum.
> As for whether it can be done on a single host, I suppose if you were
> to use 2 separate bridges for physical connectivity along with 2
> separate bridges for the tunnels, it might work. I've never tried it,
> though, so this is just conjecture.
>> Shravan
>> On 10 January 2017 at 23:33, Scott Lowe <scott.lowe at scottlowe.org <mailto:scott.lowe at scottlowe.org>
>> <mailto:scott.lowe at scottlowe.org <mailto:scott.lowe at scottlowe.org>>> wrote:
>> Please see my response below.
>> On 01/10/2017 02:26 AM, Shravan S K wrote:
>>> Is it possible to create a VXLAN setup using just bridges created
>>> by OVS? (using ovs-vsctl to create these bridges,ports and vxlan
>>> config)
>>> vm01-------------------|             |------------------vm03
>>>                           br1-------br2
>>> vm02-------------------|             |-------------------vm04
>> Yes, this is possible. On each hypervisor where OVS is running and
>> where you have VMs you'd like to connect over VXLAN tunnels, create
>> a bridge ("br-tun", for example). Create and configure a VXLAN port
>> appropriately on br-tun on each hypervisor, and then connect your
>> VMs. You should be good to go. My website has an example of doing
>> this with GRE; VXLAN should be nearly identical.
>> Hope this helps,


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