[ovs-discuss] how many queues in openvswitch?

杨润垲 16125201 at bjtu.edu.cn
Fri Jan 13 07:09:31 UTC 2017

thank you very much!   谢谢!

在2017-01-13 14:35:11,杨润垲16125201 at bjtu.edu.cn写道:

No, the queues of netdev(e.g tap, internal, system) are part of linux, but you can only set the queues num for dpdk.

More info, see manpage.


On Jan 13, 2017, at 9:27 AM, 杨润垲 <16125201 at bjtu.edu.cn> wrote:

yes ,i know, that is an example. Is there any queues in ovs like rx dma in linux?

在2017-01-13 01:59:48,杨润垲<16125201 at bjtu.edu.cn>写道:
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