[ovs-discuss] VXLAN support in OVS 2.5.0

Scott Lowe scott.lowe at scottlowe.org
Tue Jan 17 23:13:10 UTC 2017

On 01/16/2017 11:39 PM, Shravan S K wrote:
> How to do the IP connectivity part using OVS internal ports?

[SL] Take a look at either of these blog posts:



Both posts illustrate the use of an OVS internal port as an IP interface.

Hope this helps!

> Thanks.
> Shravan
> On 16 January 2017 at 04:40, Scott Lowe <scott.lowe at scottlowe.org
> <mailto:scott.lowe at scottlowe.org>> wrote:
>     On 01/13/2017 03:20 AM, Shravan S K wrote:
>> My motive is to simulate VXLAN functionality on a bigger topology using
>> mininet.
>> My plan - As Mininet uses OVS bridges to simulate vswitch functionality,
>> we can use ovs-vsctl to configure VXLAN functionality on the bridges. I
>> thought let me try for a simple topology without using Mininet and just
>> using OVS on a single host and 2 VMs. If it works, then I can make a
>> similar configuration for a bigger topology using mininet.
>> OVS on a single host and 2 VMs : vm1-----br1-------br2-----vm2
>> I am confused on how to perform the vxlan config for the above setup.
>> If the above one works, I could try on the mininet topologies.
>> For the mininet topology ( --topo=linear,2 )
>> h1 ----- s1 ------ s2 -------- h2 (h1,h2 are hosts, s1,s2 are switches -
>> actually ovs bridges)
> Setting aside the mininet question for the moment, the way to get VXLAN
> working between two OVS bridges is to establish an IP endpoint (also
> known as a VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint, or VTEP) for each bridge. So, in your
> example configuration, br1 and br2 each need an interface (of some sort)
> with an IP address. You'd then configure a VXLAN port on br1 that points
> to the IP endpoint for br2, and configure a VXLAN port on br2 that
> points to the IP endpoint for br1. Since you're trying to do this within
> a single host, you might consider using OVS internal ports as the IP
> endpoints for each bridge. As long as each IP endpoint can reach the
> other, then in theory it should work.


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