[ovs-discuss] Parallel VxLAN tunnels

Jean Tourrilhes jt at labs.hpe.com
Fri Jul 7 22:36:11 UTC 2017


	I want to know how to implement parallel VxLAN tunnels between
two hosts with OVS.
	Each host, h0 and h1, has two OVS instances, br0 and
br1. I want two separate VxLAN tunnels :
		h0-br0 <=> h1-br0
		h0-br1 <=> h1-br1
	Those two tunnels could be using different VNI, so is there
a way for a OVS instance to use only a single VNI ? I also saw that
VxLAN support alternate port number, should I use that ?
	Thanks in advance !


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