[ovs-discuss] Parallel VxLAN tunnels

Scott Lowe scott.lowe at scottlowe.org
Sun Jul 9 17:45:11 UTC 2017

On 07/07/2017 04:36 PM, Jean Tourrilhes wrote:
> 	Hi,
> 	I want to know how to implement parallel VxLAN tunnels between
> two hosts with OVS.
> 	Each host, h0 and h1, has two OVS instances, br0 and
> br1. I want two separate VxLAN tunnels :
> 		h0-br0 <=> h1-br0
> 		h0-br1 <=> h1-br1
> 	Those two tunnels could be using different VNI, so is there
> a way for a OVS instance to use only a single VNI ? I also saw that
> VxLAN support alternate port number, should I use that ?
> 	Thanks in advance !

I haven't tried this, but it seems like it should be possible to build
two VXLAN tunnels between two hosts using two different IP endpoints
(tunnel endpoints) on each host. You could accomplish this using an OVS
internal port on each bridge, like this:

	h0-br0 has internal port w/ IP addr W.X.Y.Z1
	h0-br1 has internal port w/ IP addr A.B.C.D1
	h1-br0 has internal port w/ IP addr W.X.Y.Z2
	h1-br1 has internal port w/ IP addr A.B.C.D2

Then configure the tunnels with the appropriate IP endpoints (h0-br0
points to internal port on h1-br0 and vice versa, h0-br1 points to
internal port on h1-br1 and vice versa).

Again, I haven't tested this, so there may be (one or more) things I'm
overlooking/don't know about.

Of course, then you'll have the issue of installing flows to properly
direct traffic across those tunnels, but that's a different topic.

Good luck!


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