[ovs-discuss] Reacting on change of BFD session state

Михаил Аграновский magranovskiy at arccn.ru
Tue Jul 11 19:05:15 UTC 2017

Hello list,

There are 2 question to you:

1. OvS supports BFD. Does OvS react somehow on change of BFD session state?
Does BFD connection fault means something for OpenFlow-driven part of OvS?

2. In general, I consider OvS as switch side for SD-WAN solution. Thus, the
goal is to switch over links according to BFD session state. Are there some
practices of interacting with OvS this way using OpenFlow?

С уважением, Михаил Аграновский |
Sincerely, Mikhail Agranovskiy
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