[ovs-discuss] Questions regarding tunnel reconfiguration

Balazs Nemeth balazs.nemeth at ericsson.com
Fri Jul 14 14:39:26 UTC 2017


I have two questions regarding the tunnel handling. These are potential areas in the code where change can be needed. I plan to make the changes, but I would like to discuss if the below actions are valid or not.

1. Currently it is possible to reconfigure the type of an OpenFlow tunnel port in OVS (e.g. from gre to vxlan). Is it OK to reconfigure the port type, like this?

2. Currently it is allowed to reconfigure the dst_port option of on OpenFlow tunnel port. It is possible to set unique dst_port for a VXLAN tunnel, e.g. the default 6081 UDP port of Geneve tunnels, and vice versa. Is it OK, to reconfigure ports like this?

In this case the tnl_port_in structure will not be correct in this case (printed by ovs-appctl tnl/ports/show -v). The following entries will be seen in case of originally 1-1 VXLAN/Geneve port existing, and the VXLAN is reconfigured with dst_port=6081 option. There will be no vxlan_sys_6081 (2) member in tnl_port_in structure.

    > sudo ovs-appctl tnl/ports/show

    Listening ports:

    genev_sys_6081 (6081) ref_cnt=1

    vxlan_sys_6081 (2) ref_cnt=1

    > sudo ovs-appctl tnl/ports/show -v

    Listening ports:

    genev_sys_6081 (6081) : eth(dst=00:13:5e:ea:0d:e2),eth_type(0x0800),ipv4(dst=,proto=17,frag=no),udp(dst=6081)

    genev_sys_6081 (6081) : eth(dst=00:13:5e:ea:0d:e2),eth_type(0x86dd),ipv6(dst=fe80::213:5eff:feea:de2,proto=17,frag=no),udp(dst=6081)


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