[ovs-discuss] Added interface to bridge gets added unexpectedly a second time by OVS

Kevin Benton kevin at benton.pub
Sun Jul 23 23:57:05 UTC 2017

For more info, we had been running into this issue when immediately trying
to set the MAC address on a port right after it was created.

Nobody was able to figure out why the port would disappear from OVS and
then re-appear so we ended up merging an ugly hack to deal with it:

Here is the bug report that has some more info:

On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 12:10 PM, Miguel A Lavalle <malavall at us.ibm.com>

> Hi,
> I am debugging failures in OpenStack Neutron functional tests. The
> sequence of events is the following:
> 1) An interface is added successfully to a bridge
> 2) The addition of the interface is logged by ovs-vswitchd
> 3) The test fails because it cannot find the interface when trying to move
> it to a linux namespace
> 4) ovs-vswitchd logs a second time the addition of the interface to the
> bridge
> These are the relevant entries from the ovs-vswitchd and the functional
> test logs (the INFO level entries come from ovs-vswitchd):
> http://paste.openstack.org/show/615193/
> OVS version from the ovs-vswitchd:
> 2017-07-12T07:56:31.554Z|00006|bridge|INFO|ovs-vswitchd (Open vSwitch) 2.5.2
> Miguel A. Lavalle
> OpenStack Neutron Software Developement Lead
> Linux Technology Center
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