[ovs-discuss] Using libopenvswitch in C++

Xiao Liang shaw.leon at gmail.com
Sun Jul 30 06:30:59 UTC 2017


I've encountered some problems building a controller with
libopenvswitch in C++. Although they can be solved by some hacks, I
want to know if OVS is meant to be used in such case.

1. In include/openvswitch, some headers are wrapped with 'extern "C"'
(e.g. ofpbuf.h), while some are not (e.g. ofp-util.h).
2. The identifier "public" in "struct ofputil_packet_in_private"
conflicts with C++ keyword. Not sure if there're others.
3. Private and public declarations (like the
ofputil_packet_in_private) could be separated to different files. Also
some more APIs (like rconn) could be extracted from lib directory?


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