[ovs-discuss] How can I change OpenVSwitch

Scott Lowe scott.lowe at scottlowe.org
Wed Jun 7 19:24:07 UTC 2017

On 06/07/2017 12:25 PM, Simone Aglianò wrote:
> Ok I have to choose reply all 
> My question is the initial question regarding the architecture that I
> have attached, I don t want to turn my switch in a Open Flow switch but
> I would use it like that with Open V Switch I mean I want take the
> advantage of the forwarding capacity of the Catalyst cisco switch but in
> the meantime I would use the Open Flow features. 
> So If I send a openflow command from the Floodlight, does my
> architecture work as if I had an openflow switch?
> Thank you.

It sounds like what you're asking is whether you can use Open vSwitch as
an OpenFlow "front-end" for a traditional network switch such as Cisco
Catalyst. OpenFlow commands would come from the Floodlight controller to
OVS, and OVS would do something to communicate to the Catalyst switch,
where the actual data forwarding would occur. Is that what you're asking?

I'm not aware of any functionality within OVS that would enable you to
do this, nor am I aware of any other project out there that is working
on this sort of functionality. Of course, I could certainly be mistaken.


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