[ovs-discuss] dpdk17.05 missing the rte_virtio_net.h

Kavanagh, Mark B mark.b.kavanagh at intel.com
Thu Jun 8 16:17:53 UTC 2017

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>Subject: [ovs-discuss] dpdk17.05 missing the rte_virtio_net.h
>    I'm using dpdk17.05 and ovs2.7 for ovs-dpdk. And found a mistake.
>In the ovs lib/netdev-dpdk.c, there uses the header file
>"#include <rte_virtio_net.h>", however, the dpdk17.05 has deleted the file.
>So, if it is a bug?.


This isn't a bug - the DPDK 17.05 vhost interface has been modified to allow for non-virtio-net devices to be used.

Please note that the current version of DPDK that OvS supports is v16.11.2. However, please refer to this WIP patch for details on how to potentially integrate OvS with DPDK v17.05 (and specifically, which headers need to be included in place of rte_virtio_net.h): https://mail.openvswitch.org/pipermail/ovs-dev/2017-June/333667.html 


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