[ovs-discuss] OVS-DPDK polling cycles and processing cycles for pmd

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Subject: [ovs-discuss] OVS-DPDK polling cycles and processing cycles for pmd

Hi guys,

  I got below results on my environment, but confusing with the cycles percents, it looks like the polling plus processing cycles per pmd is 100%, but as I recalled there are some improvment document that showed their processing cycles are 100% percents which means 0 for polling cycles? how should be the rate of polling and processing cycles take? should it be better for less polling and much processing for performance's benefits?

“polling” is checking for packets, but there are none to process.
input more packets -> higher “processing” percentage.

pmd thread numa_id 1 core_id 27:
emc hits:141332792126
megaflow hits:263
avg. subtable lookups per hit:1.00
polling cycles:19832152639760 (12.60%)
processing cycles:137517517407771 (87.40%)
avg cycles per packet: 1113.33 (157349670047531/141332792711)
avg processing cycles per packet: 973.01 (137517517407771/141332792711)

Thanks a lot.
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