[ovs-discuss] layer seven processing

sougol gheissi sougol.gheissi at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 13:28:21 UTC 2017

Hello all,
I have seen a video from the OVS conference 2015,named OVS and layer 7
classification, which get the metadat  of the packets.In that video they
uses conntrack and say there is no need for any patch in order to process
the packet up to layer 7.
I also have found the conntrack-tool which make it possible to send the
packets to NFQUEUE using conntrackd.
Does anyone know how to implement the layer seven processing without any
patch. Or how to integrate the conntrack-tool with the conntrack in OVS?
Or above of all how to process the packets up to layer seven in OVS?!
I really need help, thank you in advance.
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