[ovs-discuss] Hello, I have a question.

Okamura (JRC) Yuya yokamura at jrcamerica.com
Mon Jun 12 18:14:12 UTC 2017

My name is Yuya Okamura who is working at Japan Radio Co., ltd.

I'm planning to make Dynamic Controll Network System by using OpenVSwitch and OpenFlow.

Then I would like to know how many data are had in the input & output packet Buffer by dynamicaly.
Could you teach me how to check about the Buffre in the OpenVSwitch?

Best Regards,


|||  Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
||| San Jose Technical Development Cetner
|||                 Yuya Okamura
|||  TEL : 408-217-9832
|||  MAIL : yokamura at jrcamerica.com

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