[ovs-discuss] Create GRE/VXLAN Tunnel between VM'S using virtual interfaces

Phaniprakash Jayanthi pjayant at ncsu.edu
Thu Jun 15 19:41:37 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,
I have configured the following topology on a single host machine as
described below:

I have created 3 VM'S & 2 ovs bridges in this topology. VM1, ovs-br1, vm2,
ovs-br2, vm3 are connected serially.

VM1 --- ovs-br1 ---- VM2 --- ovs-br2 ---- VM3

VM2 acts as a router. VM1 and VM3 are in different subnets. I want packets
sent from VM1 to VM3 to be GRE/VXLAN encapsulated when the packets leave
ovs-br1 and decapsulated when they leave ovs-br2. I do not want to use any
physical ethernet ports as the tunnel endpoints/remote_ip's. I am trying to
use the IP addresses configured to the two ports of VM2 as endpoints but it
does not seem to work. Can anyone help me out with this idea? I would like
to discuss how to configure my ovs-bridges for this idea. Your ideas are
really appreciated.
Thank you,
Phaniprakash Jayanthi
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